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Workforce Connections

Workforce Connections is responsible for the development and operation of a variety of programs focused on employment assistance and related training and support services. People may receive information and access to most of these services at the Tennessee Career Center.

Tennessee Career Center At Middlebrook Pike

2700 Middlebrook Pike; Phone 594-5500; Fax 594-6266

The Career Center is “where people and jobs connect.” Through the Career Center, anyone in the community, regardless of income, may access a variety of employment-related services. Individuals using the center can learn about employment opportunities in the community, how to assess their personal skills, update their resume, and/or participate in workshops designed to assist them in acquiring employment. Employers may post job openings, find important labor market information, and/or secure qualified job applicants through the center. Occupational skill training and other intensive services are provided for laid-off workers and low-income persons (youth and adults) who meet additional qualifications. A Disability Resource Coordinator is also available at the Career Center to serve as a resource for job seekers and employers and to assist individuals with disabilities who have received a “Ticket to Work” from the Social Security Administration.

The Career Center is operated by a partnership of community agencies, which provide a broad range of services and information about those services at the Career Center.

This project is operated under an agreement with the TN Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development.

WIA Youth Program

2247 Western Avenue; Phone 544-5200; Fax 544-5221

The Youth Program provides services to economically disadvantaged adolescents and young adults who are in school but at-risk for dropping out, or who have completed high school or their GED but are interested in post-secondary education, or who have already dropped out but would like to improve their work and educational situation. The education component is primarily through a youth oriented GED program and by offering the opportunity to enter post-secondary training for those to whom it is appropriate. Case managers assess the individual needs and assist in providing resources to meet those needs. Focus is on improvement in work opportunities and life skills designed to help young people make positive changes and reach their goals. Services are provided by case managers / career specialists assigned to local schools or at the Tennessee Career Center. Some services may be provided by local service providers.

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