Beardsley Community Farm

Beardsley Community Farm

CAC’s Urban Agriculture Department is home to Beardsley Community Farm, which works towards a healthier community in Knoxville by providing culturally relevant produce, accessible education, and land and resources for gardening. The farm donates over 60,000 pounds of produce a year, with over 10,000 pounds grown on site. The farm hosts thousands of volunteers annually, teaches about cooking and sustainable gardening to all ages, distributes seeds and seedlings, and has plots of land for free use all around the city.

picking produce from the Beardsley Community Farm


Beardsley Farm’s goal is to increase access to fresh produce in Knoxville’s food deserts through produce donations, education, and community gardening. They work towards this goal through the following programs:

  • New Ground Gardens
  • Farm to Senior
  • Produce Distributions
  • On-sight Education (including Farm Camp, Farm Apprentices)
  • School Garden Program
  • Green Thumb Community Gardens
  • Seed and Seedling Distributions

Beardsley Farm At Work

CAC Beardsley Community Farm works towards a healthier Knoxville by providing fresh produce, accessible education, and land and resources for gardening. From July 2022-June 2023 we achieved the following:

Pounds of produce grown and donated on our 4-acre urban farm

Baskets of produce grown and donated from the Beardsley Community Farm
man preparing the soil for seed packets

Seed packets and 11,050 vegetable starts distributed to 1,082 Knox County households

Youth and adults educated about sustainable agriculture and nutrition

youth picking produce and learning about nutrition

Help Your Community Grow

Your investment in Beardsley Farm contributes directly to bringing fresh food access and food justice to the Knoxville Community. Would you like to gain experience in the garden while also helping your community? Volunteer with us!