Community Action At Work

The Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC) is committed to living and fulfilling the Promise of Community Action. In collaboration with our partners and volunteers, our staff have worked diligently to reduce poverty throughout our community and increase individual self-sufficiency.


I just say thank you thank you thank you to you and Beardsley Farm. This time I send [seeds and plants] to my friends in Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, and Virginia. We are very happy because this vegetable cost is very expensive. Thank you so much.


Beardsley Community Farm New Ground Gardens Client

You all are so very nice! Thanks so much for all the wonderful people at CAC Senior Nutrition Program and all the wonderful volunteers. Thanks again for the food and all the love that comes with it. Love to all.


Mobile Meals Client

After my husband passed away, I fell into a deep depression. I found myself alone and had no motivation to do anything. My son talked me into getting a pet. I called the Office on Aging to see if they had any programs that could help me. That’s when I learned about Knox PAWS. They helped me to find my Lindsey at the shelter and we’ve been together ever since. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself in a while and Lindsey seems pretty happy about it, too.

Mrs. W

Knox PAWS (Placing Animals With Seniors) Client

Thanks to the staff at AMOS, now I can afford my medications. This has saved me a lot of money over the past year. I am truly grateful for the help. This is the first time in years that I don’t have to scrimp and save to buy Christmas presents for my grandchildren. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have the weight of worry off my shoulders.

Mrs. L

AMOS (Affordable Medicine Options for Seniors) Client

The VAT program is well organized and serves a lot of people who really need and appreciate the assistance provided. Whether it is taking them to a doctor’s appointment, or just to get a haircut, many of the people we serve have serious health and financial issues, and no family around that can assist them in doing those things. I feel blessed to be able to help so many people regularly through this program.


VAT (Volunteer Assisted Transportation) Volunteer

Your kind volunteers made my dad’s last few years at home much more pleasant for both him and myself. They were all so nice to him and I know they truly cared about him. Thanks to all of you who work for Mobile Meals and CAC and to all the generous volunteers.


Mobile Meals Client Family

Being respectful of our clients and preserving their dignity while providing them with the services they need is of the utmost concern to the staff of CAC. For that reason, the names used in the stories and testimonials within this website may have been changed or abbreviated to protect our clients’ identities. All of the stories reflect the real-life situations that our staff members encounter daily or are extracted from the notes sent to CAC directly; any alterations to those stories are only to make identification of a specific individual impossible. Likewise, any photos that accompany the stories are not necessarily associated with the people in the stories.

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