Board of Directors

At least 1/3 are representatives living in low income neighborhoods; 1/3 are elected or appointed public officials; the remainder are from the private sector. CAC’s tripartite board ensures that our programming is strategically informed by community need, represents a cross-sector of varied expertise and lived experience, and prioritizes initiatives that address gaps in service and eliminate barriers contributing to the effects of poverty.

CAC Board Officers

Ms. Polly Doka

Chairwoman, CAC Board
Community Representative

Ms. Desiree Beasley

Secretary, CAC Board

Mr. Buz Johnson

Administrative Committee Chair

PUBLIC OFFICIAL Representatives:

Mr. Ben Bentley

CEO, Knoxville Community Development Corp.
(Alternate:  Ms. Ashley Ogle)

Ms. Kim Frazier

Knox County Commission

Mr. Glenn Jacobs

Knox County Mayor
(Alternate: Mr. Chris Caldwell)

Ms. Indya Kincannon

Mayor of the City of Knoxville
(Alternate:  Mr. Kevin DuBose)

Ms. Gwen McKenzie

City Council Member

Representative Sam McKenzie

Member, Knox County Legislative Delegation
(Alternate: Rev. Sam Brown)

Mr. Kevin Parton

Interim Director/Chief Administrative Officer, Knox County Health Department
(Alternate:  Ms. Dena Mashburn)

Dr. Jon Rysewyk

Superintendent Knox County Schools
(Alternate: Dr. Andrew Brown)

Ms. Amy Brooks

Executive Director, Metropolitan Planning Comm.
(Alternate: Mr. Doug Burton)


East Resident Advisory Board
  • Mr. Terrell Patrick
  • Mr. Derek Tate
  • Ms. Lula Williams
West Resident Advisory Board
  • Ms. Anna Compton
  • Ms. Polly Doka
  • Mr. Charles Wright
Head Start Policy Council
  • Ms. Kenyadah Sullivan
South Resident Advisory Board
  • Ms. Martha Olson

Private SECTOR Representatives:

Ms. Virginia Anagnost


Ms. Desiree Beasley


Mr. Buz Johnson


Mr.  Orris Nero


Ms. Judy Poulson

The League of Women Voters

Judge John Rosson

Attorney, Member of the Knoxville Bar Association

Dr. Ragan Schriver


Dr. Sandra Twardosz

Early Child Development Expert