Board of Directors

Board of Directors

CAC Board Members

Ms. Virginia S. Anagnost

Chairperson, CAC Board

Representative: Daughters of Penelope – American Hellenic

Educational and Progressive Association


Honorable Tim Burchett                                                     

Knox County Mayor

Treasurer, CAC Board

Alternate:  Mr. Chris Caldwell


Honorable Madeline Rogero                                                 

Mayor of the City of Knoxville

Alternate: Ms. Avice Reed      


Councilman Daniel Brown                                      

Representative:  Knoxville City Council


Commissioner Charles Busler                                               

Representative:  Knox County Commission


Senator Becky Duncan Massey                                            

Representative:  Knox Co legislative delegation


Mr. Ben Bentley

CEO, Executive Director, Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation

Representative:  KCDC

Alternate: Ms. Ashley Ogle


Dr. Martha Buchanan

Director, Knox County Health Department

Representative:  Health Department

Alternate:  Ms. Katharine Killen


Ms. Polly Doka                                                                       

Representative:  West Resident Advisory Board

Secretary, CAC Board


Rev. John Bluth Gill              

Church of the Savior

Representative:  Knoxville Ministerial Association


Mr. Gerald Green

Executive Director, Metropolitan Planning Commission

Representative:  MPC

Alternate:  Mr. Doug Burton


Ms. Rachel Honeycutt                                                                                  

Representative:  Head Start


Mr. Buz Johnson                                                                                             

Representative:  At-Large


Ms. Kathy Mays                                                                                           

Representative:  Knoxville-Oak Ridge Area Central Labor Council


Ms. Martha Olson                                                                                          

Representative:  South Resident Advisory Board


Ms. Rebecca Parr

Representative:  Head Start


Mr. Terrell Patrick

Representative:  East Resident Board


Ms. Judy Poulson

Representative:  League of Women Voters


Mr. Steve Ritter                                                                    

Representative:  West Resident Advisory Board


Honorable John R. Rosson, Jr.                                              

Representative: Knoxville Bar Association



Mr. Thomas Strickland                                                                   

Representative:  At Large

Vice Chairperson-CAC Board


Mr. Derek Tate                                                                                            

Representative:  East Resident Advisory Board


Mr. Bob Thomas                                          

Superintendent, Knox County Schools

Representative:  Knox County Schools

Alternate:  Dr. Clifford Davis


Mr. Ronnie Thompson                                                          

Representative:  West Resident Advisory Board


Dr. Sandra Twardosz                                                                                     

Representative:  Early Child Development Expert

At Large Board Member


Ms. Lula Williams                                                                                          

Representative: East Resident Advisory Board


Mr. Charles Wright                                                                         

Representative:  West Resident Advisory Board

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CAC Board Meeting Schedule

2017 Board Meeting Schedule Adobe pdf icon

Most meetings are held at the CAC LT Ross Building. Please call ahead if you need to confirm the location of the meeting.

The L.T. Ross Building
2247 Western Avenue

If you need transportation arrangements contact Cathy Gonzalez, 865-546-3500.

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes for 2017

Board Meeting Minutes for 2016

Board Meeting Minutes for 2015 Adobe pdf icon

Board Meeting Minutes for 2014 Adobe pdf icon

Board Meeting Minutes for 2013 Adobe pdf icon


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