Commodities Distribution

For upcoming commodities distribution schedule, please call 865-546-3500.

Participants should report to the distribution site with identification (driver’s license or mail with correct address) to receive these food items.

Eligibility will be determined at the distribution site.

(Effective May 24, 2016. Guidelines subject to change)

1 person $1,471.25 per month
2 people $1,991.25 per month
3 people $2,511.25 per month
4 people $3,031.25 per month
5 people $3,551.25 per month
6 people $4,071.25 per month
7 people $4,591.25 per month
8 people $5,111.25 per month

For each additional family member, please add $520.00 monthly to the above total for 9 people and so on…

For more information, please call (865) 546-3500 and ask for Commodities.

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