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What Is An Acceptable Uncontrollable Circumstance For Crisis Assistance?

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST submit documentation of your Uncontrollable Circumstance.


  • Household has an unanticipated medical or major household expense.  Documentation could include: receipts of payments made to meet this unanticipated medical or major household expense.
  • Household wage earner with at least a year of stable work history has lost his/her job within the last twelve (12) months.  Documentation could include : letter from employer, termination or lay-off notice, UI claims, UI notification of eligibility.
  • Household wage earner has left home within the past forty-five (45) days. Documentation could include: recent application for family assistance ( Food Stamps, Families First), order of protection, police report, revised lease, or other legal documentation.
  • Death of the wage earner within the last twelve (12) months.  Documentation could include: obituary, death certificate, and/or funeral program.
  • Significant loss of work hours. Documentation could include: letter from employer outlining details of loss of work hours or pay stubs showing loss of work hours.
  • Household wage earner is unable to work due to illness and does not receive pay for time away from work or sick leave pay. Documentation could include: statement from the employer.
  • Child under the age of six in the home.  Documentation could include: birth certificate
  • Elderly – One member of household is age 60 or above
  • Disabled – One member of household is disabled.  Documentation could include: SSD or SSI award letter.

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