Mobile Meals Adopt-a-Senior

Contact Judith Pelot at (865) 524-2786 or by email:

In Mobile Meals Adopt-a-Senior Program, you can provide hot, nutritious lunches for a frail, homebound senior citizen in your community for one month, one year or more. Just $73.65 provides Mobile Meals (Mon.-Fri.) for one senior citizen in Knoxville or Knox County for the entire month. When you give $884, you provide Mobile Meals for a year.  Donate here

Beardsley Community Farm

Contact Khann Chov (865) 546-8446 or (865) 546-3500 or by email:  or visit the Beardsley Community Farm donation page

Energy and Community Services

Contact Cecelia Waters at (865) 637-6700 or 546-3500 or by email:

  • Donate to Project Help to help vulnerable people stay warm this winter.
  • Donate to help buy fans to help keep people cool in the summer.

Grandparents as Parents Program

Contact Susan Bradford at (865) 524-2786 or by email:

  • Donate money to be used to purchase school supplies and provide sports uniforms for children by visiting the Office On Aging donation page.

Head Start

Contact Head Start at (865) 522-2193 or by email:

  • Donate children’s clothing: sizes 0 – 6
  • Donate household items such as: furniture, cooking utensils, lamps, etc.

Homeward Bound

Contact Homeward Bound at (865) 546-3500 or by email:

  • Donate household cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Mobile Meals

Contact Judith Pelot at (865) 524-2786 or by email:

Our Mobile Meal recipients enjoy receiving items that are made by children. Children and youth groups can make items such as cards, refrigerator magnets, placemats, and holiday items. We suggest that you make these in multiples of ten. Groups also have the opportunity to personally deliver their items. Many of our recipients enjoy visitors.

Office on Aging

Contact Fred Massingill at (865) 524-2786 or by email:

  • Donate door prizes for monthly and annual events.

Project LIVE (Living Independently through Volunteer Efforts)

Contact Misty Goodwin at (865) 524-2786 or by email:

  • Donate pull-ups / disposable briefs for senior adults, pill cutters, cleaning supplies, nutritional supplements, light bulbs and colored medicine containers that indicate a.m. and p.m. doses.

RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program)

Contact Eden Slater at (865) 524-2786 or by email:

  • Knitting Yarn: RSVP has many volunteers who are involved in special projects—like knitting or crocheting small blankets for sick children at Children’s Hospital. Some of the volunteers are on very limited incomes and cannot afford to buy the yarn to make the blankets.

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Volunteer Opportunities

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